Five Reasons Why You Need to Visit Prague RIGHT NOW

When planning a trip to Europe most people typically envision the charming café lined streets of Paris or gondoliers dressed in stripes singing along the Venice canals. The truth is, Prague isn’t usually the first city that comes to mind when planning a trip over the pond, and I’ll admit, Prague hasn’t always been on the top of my must-see list either. But after talking with a friend who had been (and loved it), along with it continually popping up when I googled “foodie cities in Europe” (yes, I google things like that), it was quickly added to our summer trip itinerary and let me tell you… I fell in love! I don’t think Prague gets the attention it so rightly deserves, so I’m here to spread the word!

1. It’s Breathtakingly Beautiful
Known as “the City of a Hundred Spires”, the city of Prague boasts a variety of architectural styles making it quite the visual delight. Walk through the winding cobblestone streets to find grand cathedrals at nearly every corner, or even better, view the city from above to marvel at the sea of burnt orange roofs and picturesque bridges. The best view we found was the Old Town Bridge Tower at the end of the Charles Bridge. It seemed to be somewhat of an unknown tourist attraction compared to the Petřín Tower or Prague Castle (also nice views though!), so we were able to walk right up without waiting in line – always a bonus!

Petrin Tower.jpg
Petřín Lookout Tower on Petřín Hill. Tip: take the elevator to the top and use the stairs to walk down. You’ll find different gorgeous views at the various heights along the way.

View from Petřín Tower

View of the Charles Bridge from the Old Town Bridge Tower

2. Great Bang for Your Buck
During our visit, I heard more than once “the beer in Prague is cheaper than water” …at $1 – $2 per pint this was no joke. Not only is the beer practically free, we found hotel rates to be very reasonable, along with restaurants and tours/attractions.

3. Foodie Destination
Czech cuisine is typically associated with meat, stew and bread, and while you’ll find plenty of that in Prague, the city has so much more to offer. While on a tour with Taste of Prague, we learned that there has been a culinary resurgence going on since the end of communism and the city’s food scene has come a long way. We honestly didn’t have one bad meal there. Perhaps because of my amazing trip planning skills? Quite possibly. But it could also be that they have some really solid options. My favorite picks are below…

Sisters Bistro
We went here on the food tour and it was one of my favorite stops. They make the most delicious little open-faced sandwiches called chlebíčky.


Café Savoy

Go for brunch. The best Irish coffee I’ve ever had!

Asian inspired restaurant offering a delicious and affordable tasting menu. Casual vibes with fine-dining quality food.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg
Salmon course from Sansho

FullSizeRender (2)
These dumpling were EVERYTHING

FullSizeRender (3)
Watermelon and pork belly course. Who knew these two together would be so delicious?

Another stop on the food tour. Eska combines old school Czech cuisine with new, while specializing in vegetarian fare.

FullSizeRenderBurnt potato in ash with potato espuma from Eska. It might not sound like much, but take my word for it, this was quite yummy!

Desperately needing a salad half-way through our trip, we stumbled upon this cute little cafe right near our hotel. We even ate lunch here twice which is rare for us. Although I didn’t order it, the pasta from what I saw while stalking the neighboring table’s food also looked and smelled amazing.

This strawberry goat cheese salad gave me life!

Naše Maso
A butcher shop that’s doin’ it right. We had the opportunity to sample a variety of menu items on the food tour.

Sausages, meatloaf and steak tartare. All delish!

4. Beer!
Would you believe me if I told you Czech Republic consumes the most beer in the world? Well it’s true and like all good debates I have the Wikipedia page to prove it:

Even though the beer is dirt cheap (see #2) in Prague, you won’t just find mass produced options. The city has plenty of breweries making delicious craft beer. A great brewery to check out is Stahov Monastic Brewery located about a 15 minute walk from the Petřín Tower. Plan an afternoon to explore Petřín Hill and afterwards head down to the brewery and enjoy a tasty adult beverage. Lokal is another great options to sample a variety of beers and some yummy bites.

Wieners and beer at Stahov Monastic Brewery

Stahov Monastic Brewery

5. Castle, Bridges, Parks, Oh My!
Similar to #1 but I want to emphasize there is so much to see, do, and discover in Prague. The city has beautiful and expansive parks to explore including Petřín Hill and Letna Park, both perfect for a picnic or to enjoy the gorgeous views of the city. The magnificent Prague Castle grounds are certainly a must see, and with 17 bridges over the Vlata River, there is an endless supply of river views to take in.

Vendors on the Charles Bridge — Old Town Tower Lookout in the background

A candid photo that came out kind of cute while exploring Charles Bridge… thanks Joe!

Charles Bridge

Prague Castle

Checking out the gardens on Petřín Hill

.     .     .

So that about sums it up folks. Our trip to Prague was pretty spectacular and we found the city to be bursting with culture. I hope you’ll consider adding it to your own must-see list; it truly has something to offer everyone!

Thanks for reading and happy travels!


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