Eating + Drinking Dublin

Happy Monday Friends! It’s a rainy, dreary morning here in Richmond, similar to a typical day in Dublin which got me thinking about our trip last month. This post is all about where we ate and drank while visiting the Irish capital. Although Dublin is well known for their pubs, the food scene goes a bit unnoticed, and despite the misconception that you can’t eat well there, we found some really yummy spots! Below is a short guide to my favorites:

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Five Reasons Why You Need to Book the Next Flight to Prague.

When planning a European excursion, visions of gondoliers dressed in stripes along Venetian canals and epic Instagram shots in front of the Eiffel tower are probably some of the first thoughts that come to mind. The truth is, Prague doesn’t top many must-see lists, and I’ll admit, it hadn’t been on my radar either. After talking with a friend though who had been (and loved it), along with it continually popping up when I googled “foodie cities in Europe” (yes, I google things like that), it was quickly added to my summer trip itinerary last year and let me tell you, the city stole my heart. I think Prague is often overlooked and doesn’t get the attention it so rightly deserves, so I’m here to spread the word and share five reasons why it should be your next travel destination.

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