Top Five Must-Eat Disney Snacks

Happy hump day folks! I hope the week has been going amazingly for y’all so far. I’m pretty sure I’m still hungover from our trip to Louisville and the Kentucky Derby last weekend (blog post will be up soon!) and I’ve been in recovery mode — i.e. taking a hiatus from alcoholic beverages. This got me to thinking about some of the more “innocent” activities I enjoy and my mind went straight to Disney. Call me a five year old but where else can you completely escape from real life into a world of your favorite childhood characters, thrill rides, and most importantly SNACKS?! It took me a few Disney trips before truly discovering the best of the best bites, so I wanted to share a list of my top five must-eat snacks in the most magical place on earth.

1. Mickey Pretzel 
I know, I know, what an obvious choice, but seriously, it never disappoints. Note: the cheese sauce is a must.


2. Matterhorn Macaroon
I’m a sucker for anything kitschy and making a macaroon in the image of a Disney ride is just about as kitschy as it gets. This sweet treat can only be found in Disneyland so you’ll have to make sure to snag one the next time you’re visiting Mickey in California.


3. Giant Pickle
You’re probably thinking how can a pickle make the list? Well this isn’t just you’re run-of the-mill jar pickle. No my friends, these guys have been genetically mutated into 1-inch diameter spears of goodness. You can find them at the fruit stands in Adventure Land.

4. Dole Whip
If you are even the slightest fan of Disney you’ve heard of a Dole Whip, and if you’ve had the privilege of eating one, you understand the hype. Pineapple soft serve with a pineapple juice float; sweet, delicious, and especially refreshing after standing in a 90-minutes line for Space Mountain.


5. Corn Dog
Let me preface this by saying I never eat corn dogs, but Disney corn dogs are made of magic and probably baby tears. They can only be found in California Adventure at Disneyland so they are quite the rare phenomenon. These hand battered and perfectly crisp dogs on a stick can be found along the park’s replica of the Santa Monica Pier knock-off.

.     .     .     .

What did I leave off the list?! What are some of your favorite Disney eats?

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